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Modelling of system actuation and development of pumping strategies

The objective of WP 4 is to develop the biomimetic blood pump which will integrate the hybrid membrane as its interface to blood.

The challenge hereby is to design, fabricate, control and validate a pump that minimizes the in-plane deformation and wall shear stress (WSS) in the hyperelastic hybrid membrane, while fulfilling the main task of the pump, namely to ensure the perfusion of the supported patient. The realization of a viable pump demonstrator will take advantage of an interdisciplinary approach considering engineering design, fluid/structural mechanics and control techniques.

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WP4_Christian-LoosliChristian Loosli

wp4_gerald_kressGerald Kress

wp4_paolo-ermanniPaolo Ermanni Laboratory of Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures

WP4_Mathias-RebholzMathias Rebholz

WP4_Marianne-SchmidMarianne Schmid Daners

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