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Bioengineering of functional adhesive layers

The aim of WP 2 is to realize a synthetic interlayer between cells and elastomer substrate with optimized topographical properties and deformation mechanisms, leading to long term viability of the biological component.

Research aims at extending current additive manufacturing and electrospinning methods to allow the production of either discrete nanofibrous scaffold membranes, 3D microtruss layers or combinations of the former on an elastomeric substrate. This approach will allow generating new material systems with an optimized mechanical environment for the cells. The interlayers will be designed to offer a biomimetic interface for cells seeding, to host cells also subsurface and to ensure a suitable mechanical transition to the homogeneous elastomer.

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WP2_JanRysJan Rys

WP2_OddnyBOddný Björgvinsdóttir

WP2_Karin-WartzKarin Würtz-Kozak

portrait-transStephen J. Ferguson Laboratory for Orthopaedic Technology

Lukas Weidenbacher

portrait-transGiuseppino Fortunato

René Rossi Laboratory for Protection and Physiology, Empa