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Definition of cell sources and seeding protocols

WP 1 focuses on the in vitro fabrication and characterization of a native-analogous endothelialized bio-(multi)-layer with respect to its durably by which it is attached to the synthetic substrate as well as cell signalling and cytokine production.

The focus of WP1 is in the generation of specialized intervening layers supporting the formation and differentiation of a protective layer of endothelial cells. Investigations of optimized coating procedures to ensure the firm attachment of cells to artificial materials, the effect of hemodynamic conditions on the endothelial stability and the relevance of ancillary cell types (i.e. smooth muscle cells) are part of this work package.
An additional critical aspect investigated within this group of activities is the source of autologous endothelial cells that will be used for both the in vitro investigation and for the translation to clinical practise. Among the candidates that will be assessed are endothelial precursors cells which will be evaluated for their ability to proliferate and differentiate therefore enforcing a complete endothelialization of the target substrates.

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WP1_Andrei-FernandesAndreia Fernandes

portrait-transViola Vogel Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology

Sarah Motta

Emanuela Fioretta

portrait-transSimon P. Hoerstrup Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IREM)

WP1_AnnSophie-MertgenAnne-Sophie Mertgen

portrait-transMarkus Rottmar

portrait-transKatharina Maniura Laboratory for Biointerfaces, Empa