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Development of the elastomeric membrane and of testing bioreactors

This work package focuses on the development of the hyperelastic synthetic substrate. Several elastomers are evaluated and promising materials characterized in terms of deformation behavior and mechanical integrity. At the surface of the elastomer selected geometrical patterns will be implemented and the influence of surface topography on endothelial cell adhesion and functionality evaluated.

These groups are responsible for the design and fabrication of the dynamic bioreactor providing a physiologically relevant model system for hybrid membrane optimization. Cells will be subjected to representative loading conditions in terms of substrate deformation and fluid flow. All hybrid membranes solutions developed within the project will be tested in the bioreactor.

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WP3_Laura-BernardiLaura Bernardi

Vita Marina – Hybrid Membrane, ETH ZürichVita Marina

WP3_Edoardo-MazzaEdoardo Mazza Experimental Continuum Mechanics

WP3_Bjirn-BachmannBjörn Johann Bachmann

costanza Giampietro – Hybrid Membrane ETH ZürichCostanza Giampietro

WP3_Aldo-FerrariAldo Ferrari

wp3_dimos-poulikakosDimos Poulikakos Laboratory of Thermodynamics in Emerging Technologies